Mission Statement

The National Public Safety Athletic League is committed to
fundraising and promoting efficient techniques that will promote
recreation and sport/physical activities for youth and adults for the
purpose of maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle.
The NPSAL will provide supervised recreational activities for
children and others, including but not limited to establishing athletic
leagues by providing athletic equipment and also the promotion of
sports and sport related activities.
To assist participants within the recreation activities in developing
qualities of citizenship, sportsmanship, leadership, discipline and
To provide educational activities for children, youth and others
through programs such as anti-drug, anti violence and anti bullying
campaigns by using the recreational activities as the primary tool for
conveying these important values and programs.
To foster harmony, trust and friendship between youth of various ages
and of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds and developing
strong relationships with person/persons who work in the profession
of Public Safety.

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